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What is Open Americas?

Abrelatam-ConDatos and the Regional Meeting of the Open Government Partnership will be combined into a single event and comprehensive space: Open America. This face-to-face event of diverse communities will allow us to connect actors in the opening space to work together for a more open, democratic and sustainable America.

What are the dates of Open Americas?

The event will take place from September 26 to 29, 2022 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 

¿Qué precauciones contra COVID-19 debo tomar?

Alentamos a las personas participantes a tomar precauciones mientras viajan o participan en el evento, lo que incluye hacerse la prueba de COVID-19 de antemano, mantener el distanciamiento social, usar desinfectante y usar una máscara si te sientes más cómodo o cómoda.

Does this mean that there will be no Abrelatam-ConDatos?

Abrelatam-ConDatos is part of the agenda of this event, together with the Regional Meeting of the Alliance for Open Government.

What are the topics covered by the event?
  • The event covers four fundamental opening pillars, each with topics of interest to the community. 
Democratic GovernanceData and digital innovationAnti-corruptionSustainability
Right of access to information and transparency Open Parliaments, Open Justice Local governments Civic space / democratic freedoms National and local OGP processes Transparent elections Sustainable Development Goals Journalism and innovation Global forums: Summit for democracy, Summit of the Americas Risks of authoritarianismCivic technology and technology for governance and developmentInnovation laboratoriesOpenness and use of data in the public sectorPrivacy and protection of personal dataUse of artificial intelligence to solve public problemsGovtechOpen data PIDA against corruptionOpen ContractingTransparency of final beneficiariesMoney and politicsBudget/fiscal transparencyPublic ethics and integrityClimate change and energy transitionTransparency in natural resourcesExtractive industriesData and innovation to meet sustainable development goalsEscazú Agreement
Gender and inclusion (cross-cutting)
How will the event agenda be designed?

Once the call for speakers has closed, the Organizing Committee, with the support of the Advisory Committee, will design the sessions according to the most proposed and priority topics on the open government and open data agenda, and will select groups of speakers, led by a facilitator person. For more information, check this page.

How can I contribute to the agenda?

You can send your proposal for speakers before June 24, 2022 through this formulary in Spanish and this form in English

¿Cómo me puedo inscribir para el evento?  

El registro al evento está cerrado.

What is the cost of registration?

The event is free for those who want to participate. However, the participants are responsible for their expenses including travel and lodging. 

Do I have to register for the event even if I have pre-registered or submitted a proposal for speakers?

Sí, todas las personas que quieran participar en el evento tienen que inscribirse, aunque sean ponentes, hayan enviado con anterioridad una propuesta para la agenda o se hayan preinscrito. El registro para el evento está cerrado.

¿Es necesario acreditarse el día del evento para ingresar?

Sí, la credencial/gafete es requisito para participar en el evento. Podrás retirarlo los días

  • Jueves 22 y viernes 23 de septiembre en el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores en Santo Domingo. 
  • Domingo 25 a partir de las 9:00 AM hasta las 6:00 PM en el Hotel El Embajador. 
  • Lunes 26 a miércoles 28 a partir de las 8:00 AM hasta las 6:00 PM en el Hotel El Embajador.
Will I be able to participate in the event virtually? 

No. This event is completely face-to-face although some sessions will be broadcast by this youtube channel

¿Cuál es el código de vestimenta para el evento?

Se recomienda vestimenta laboral casual/business casual.

¿Se proveerá comida en el evento?

Sí. Habrá café por las mañanas y tardes y almuerzo a las horas establecidas.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the event? 

For any questions, please contact

Will there be translation for some sessions?

All sessions will be primarily in Spanish. There will be some selected sessions that will have translation from Spanish to English. 

All sessions will be primarily in Spanish. There will be some selected sessions that will have translation from Spanish to English. 

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